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use of possibly unassigned variable 'sw' - enumeration type


This bug has to do with the enumeration type. Sometimes I get an error message at location (0,0) that states there is a use of a possibly unassigned variable 'sw'. This arouse in my lab sections last week where I have 50 students, and it appeared on about 10 or so computers - all .net machines, I've not seen this bug when compiling on mono. Variable 'sw' is not a variable of the code written by my students. I assume it is a variable used in the zonnon compiler.

I wish I could distill this further, but to date this seems to be an entirely random occurrence. The enumeration type I had them create was for the months of the year, i.e., 12 in length. When this warning happens (it exits with a code 0) the value of the enumeration is held at the first entry in the enumeration list when the code is run.